One Dead and 20 Injured in a Shooting at a New Jersey Art Festival

A massive shooting panicked early this morning in Trenton, a New Jersey town celebrating a night-time art festival. One person died and at least 20 were injured, 16 of which had been shot, while the rest suffered damage resulting from the stampede at the sound of the shooting, according to police and prosecutors in Mercer County.

Around a thousand people were in the area of the festival Art All Night (Art all night), between exhibitions of local art, food and music, among others, when, about 2.45 in the morning, two suspects began to shoot. One of them, 33, is deceased and the other is already arrested.

In the morning there were still no details about the origin of the incident or the authorship of the shooting. In a press conference gathered by Efe, the representative of the prosecutor Angelo Onofri said that the police have recovered “multiple weapons” that were used during the shooting. Another source also noted that an agent was involved in the incident, but did not specify how.

This shooting takes place after massacres that in recent months have shocked the United States, such as last February at the Parkland Institute (Florida), at the hands of one of their former students, or the Las Vegas concert in the month of October, which with almost 60 dead became the largest massacre to be shot.

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