For The First Time, a Drone Will Create A Digital Map Of The Country

The Survey of India (SOI) is creating a digital map of the country for the first time with the help of drones. This work will be completed in two years in collaboration with the Department of Science and Technology. Three digital centers have been built for this. From here the geographical digital data of the entire country will be generated. This digital map will be more accurate and clear than a satellite-controlled GPS system. However, such locations will not be mapped keeping national security in mind, they are sensitive. The project has started in Maharashtra, Haryana and Karnataka. With this, information related to land and whereabouts can be easily detected. This map will provide accurate detection up to 10 cm.

New mapping from virtual CORS system

The Survey of India says that we currently have more than 2500 ground control points. Mapping has been done on this basis. These ground control points are equally distributed in every 30 to 40 km radius of the country. However, virtual CORS systems are being used for new mapping. The three-D information can be obtained immediately from the maps that are now being made using its network. With the help of new technology, the department will provide digital map on the prescribed scale. The map which is present now was created on 1 May 1830 by the British Surveyor Colonel Sir George Everest.

E-locations project started in 2017

After the publication of this exact map, 189 years old, the government had started several projects to make it fresh. In 2017, the Department of Posts started a pilot digital project in association with Mapmai India. Its name was e-locations. The purpose of this digital mapping program was to do a digital mapping of addresses of people, making India’s postal service more accurate and transparency about real estate.

These benefits will be

The new drone mapping survey will have live mapping of all houses. The actual location will be marked on the map. This will eliminate errors in property taxes. Increasing tax collection will provide financial strength to the municipal corporations and municipalities. The mapping of the empty plot can be done with ease even after the flood. This will provide relief to the people.

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