Apple: New Security Feature Rolled Out To Maintain Privacy of Users’


Apple has rolled out new feature related security and privacy of users in the view of increasing cases of data leaks. Due to the new security features, the users will get the option of hiding personal information, even the email addresses. The new security features of Apple have been rolled out for the users of Apple devices.

Talking about the new security features, the users will now be able to log in to the apps and websites faster with the help of their Apple ID. For this, the users just have to tap on the sign-in with the Apple option. After this, the users will be able to log in to Apple’s apps and websites using their Face ID or Touch ID.

Apple never tracks the profile of its users. In the new privacy update, if the user wishes, he can hide the e-mail ID used for Apple ID. By doing this, the user’s email ID will not be shared with any app and the privacy of the user remains intact. Apart from this, users may also create unique e-mail addresses for all of Apple’s platforms.

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